While You’re Away

Morning, Midday & Evening Dates Can I have a playmate?

Even though your pet may not be going on vacation, it sure will feel like one. While you’re away, Cricket’s Happy Tails comes and takes care of your pet.

Vacation Options

Staying In Your Home

If you choose coverage in your home your pet will have lots of companionship during your time away. I provide all personal items (food, drink, sheets, towels…) that I need. All you have to provide for is your pet. I am not the house guest that doesn’t clean up before they leave. Everything will be the way you left it. Bed will be freshly made and bathroom will be clean.

Scheduled Visits

If you feel your pet will do fine with just visits, times of your choosing will be scheduled. Visits will include food, water, playtime, lap time, litter box cleaning and other tasks as specified. Costs are the same as daily walks/visits.     Learn more….